Thursday, 12 July 2012


Hye all, for this entries, I will story about my subject this semester.

BEL 311

Bel 311 is English for Academic Purposes for students’ part 3. Every semester this subject consists 6 hours per week. But for this semester Bel classes is on Monday, Thursday and Friday. From what we know studying in University will have assessments for carry mark that will help us for our final exam mark. Assessments for this semester are term paper, speaking test and final exam. We have no idea what will come up in the term paper. Subsequent to Mr. Iszuan Ismail as a lecturer for this subject explains it more. Then we all know what term paper is. Mr. Iszuan Ismail is a quite strict person in class but actually he is so kind. I hope I will get A for this subject as I wish.

CTU 241

Fundamental of Islamic Economic is Ctu 241. This semester Ctu 241 have two different topics that are about economic for all students except accounting students. The content hour for this subject is only 2 hours per week and it is on Wednesday. As usual, everyone needs to present what topic that lecturer gives individual and one test compare to the other subjects which have 2 common tests. This subject is easier to score but all of us have to memorize all the facts and understand it very well. The first impression enter this class is quite shock because the lecturer is a male. He is Ustaz Nazrudin Hashim. He is the best lecturer because he is funny lecturer and he teaches by his own way. Class with Ustaz Nazruddin will always be fun and joyful.

QMT 181

For this semester, I will study new subject that is Introduction to Statistics or QMT. Senior said this subject very tough but I just think positive to get A. Actually it is very easy when solving the question because the chapter is same with what we have learnt in mathematics and additional mathematics in secondary school. This subject consists of 4 hours per weeks and it is on Wednesday on 8 o’clock and Friday on 10 o’clock. For the assessments are quizzes, assignment, tests and final examination.  A quiz take 5%, assignment take 5%, and test take 30% and final examination take 60%. Total is 100%. We will learn 7 chapters for this semester. This subject is more about to calculation. I really hope I will try my best to score this paper. My lecturer is Miss Nurdia Azlin Ghazali. She is a nice lecturer and always smile when enter the class.

FIN 242

Every semester banking student will have at least 1 topic calculation. However this is one of my favourite subjects for this semester. FIN 242 stands for Fundamental of Finance which means the introduction to Finance. Miss Saliza Binti Abu Bakar is my lecturer for this subject. She is good when she teach us such as every Thursday she will teach us new topic and she will give homework at least 10 question past semester and must complete on Tuesday. I though this is one of the killer subject but I was wrong, all I need is to practise to understand the concept very well because before this credit hour for this subject is 4 but now the credit hour is 3, so it easy to score. So I really do hope I will get an A for Fin 242.

ECO 211

This is also one of my favorite subjects for this semester. It is easier than last semester which is when I was in part 2, we took Microeconomics. The lecturer for this subject is Madam Diana Binti Mazan. She is cute lecturer and good at teaching all of us. She will explain every single thing and make us until we understand what Macroeconomics is very well. The assessments consists the quizzes, test, assignment and final exam. The first test is on 29 July 2012. I so scared actually because I think I cannot answer the question given. I really like this subject and I must work hard to do this paper very well.


Next, my curriculum subject which is Thought of Nation Leader level 2. My lecturer for this subject is Encik Faizul. He is a leader at ‘HEP’ and also same lecturer as last semester. For our assessment for this semester is individual assignment consist 20% and group assignment consist 30%. 30% is our activity in group that is trip. Those who did not follow this trip will not get the mark. Other 20% is relying in our final exam. In the class he is not serious but in him office, he will serious. Hopefully I will get an A for this subject.


Lastly, this semester I will learn new language that is Mandarin. Actually that is very interesting for me to study new language because almost all of the owners of the companies in Malaysia are Chinese, thus, we can speak with them in mandarin. English language is important to us but it will give more benefit to us if we can speak other language too. My lecturer for this subject is Miss Toh Ling Ling. We must learn this subject for 2 semesters. I know it hard to get an A but I must take the challenges to learn more this language to get an A.

So, that is it for this entries. I really do hope everyone had a good time to read my entries. See you on next entries. Bye bye, assalamualaikum! :)

Thursday, 28 June 2012

MY Roommates !! :)

    ~ Nurul Safiqa Binti Alias

    ~ Dina Syamimi Binti Azlang

    ~ Nur Syuhada Binti Faridam

The names above is my roommates. They are the best ever roommates that I have for the third semester. I am really happy because all of them are very nice to me. Everyday they will make me laugh with their joke. For this semester, I got room that have 4 people. The room that have 4 people is much better than 2 people. I am really happy with them and love them so much.

My first roommate is Nurul Safiqa Binti Alias. She is 20 years old and she was born on 12 April 1992 from Batu Pahat, Johor. She take course Diploma In Business Study and this semester is her third semester just same like me. Based on what i know about her characteristics is she is happy go lucky person and nice. For the what she like, she is like to eat but her body still maintain even eat more.

Dina Syamimi Binti Azlang is the second roommate. She is new at here because she is first semester for this semester. So she is my junior, take course Diploma in Business Study and the kind sister that i have. And what make me and the others jealous to her because her house is to near at UiTM,Segamat. Is just around 5 to 10 minutes from house? She was born on 15 January 1994, and 18 years old. Her favourite thing is she is like to do a different thing and like to make new friends. And her favourite food is fried rice and Milo ice. Her siblings are having 5 siblings and she is the fourth. Her first brother is accountant at London and just gets married. Her sister is the good person because her sister is a doctor at Hospital Meru. Her family is happy family that I have seen.

In this room, one of the three people is sister. She is Nur Syuhada Binti Faridam and 22 years old. She is from Putrajaya,Selangor. For this semester, she is on seventh semester  and takes what subject his delay before this. She said this semester she want to graduate on time and continue her study for degrees as soon as possible. She is good in English when she talks. I really impressed with her. She takes course Diploma in Accounting. She always helps me to solve the problem.

I think that’s all i can sharing about ROOMMATES. It was great to know them. Thank you for reading!! (“,)

It’s All About me(",)

Hi .. Welcome to my blog :)

My name is Sharifah Nur Aziah Binti Syed Azli, was born at 1.45 a.m on 03 march 1993 at Klinik Puravi Klang,Selangor. Now i’am 19 years old. A few years ago,when I was on secondary school , I am studied in SMK (P) Methodist, Klang. It just amazing school that I ever had and i will never forget all the teachers in that school. When I am 17, i was sit for the big examination that is SPM for continue my further study. On march, I just got 2A’s for my SPM results, it’s upset actually but I never give up to go on my life to make sure my parents and sibling really proud of me. And last I successfully continue my further study in Diploma In Banking at UiTM Segamat,Johor.

 Furthermore, my parent also is an important part in my life. They are Syed Azli bin Sayid Mohammad, 42 years old and Rozi Binti Abdul Rahman, 44 years old. It’s a different between the age but they didn’t take the age as an issue to fight, they love each other very much. They are sweet and romantic couple than other couples because they start to fall in love when they work together in factory at Shah Alam a few years ago. But when my dad was transferred to Japan, they still contact each other even on that time there is no mobile phone or internet. They post the letters from Japan to Malaysia as one of the proof their love. On 16 may 1992, they get married and happily life. They have three daughters and four sons.

 I have six siblings; they always make me happy and sometimes angry. Even we always fighting but in family life we always be together. As I’m the first, and the second is Sharifah Nur Liyana, 18 years old and studied at UiTM Arau,Perlis. We always share  problems if we are having trouble. But what make us sad is both of us are study far each other. Syed Mohammad Ikmal and Syed Mohammad Shah Izwan is the third and the forth, 16 years old and 14 years old. They study at secondary school SMK ACS,Klang. The fifth and six are Syed Mohd Izzat, 12 years old and Sharifah Nur Izzaty, 10 years old. They always make my mom angry because they are very naughty. On 2008,  the last baby was born is Syed Mohd Iqram. I really love him and I called him ‘baby’ at home.

 All of them are my lovely family and always give me support to make sure I successfully on study. I love them very much because they are part of my life. No one can replace them.